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Set in the tropical heart of Africa, the Republic of the Congo is covered in dense and largely unexplored rainforest. It’s known

world-wide as the classically “deep and dark” African jungles of

legend and myth.


Located on the Equator, and with up to 80% of the country covered by Congo rainforest, this is the largest area of primary rainforest in Africa and known for its extensive biodiversity and natural richness. Swamps, bais, and rivers characterize the heavily forested landscape, and make it prime western lowland gorilla habitat and little visited national parks protects the gorillas as well as a host of other rare and endangered species, from forest elephants to chimpanzees and mangabeys.


Walk through the dense jungles, swim in natural pools, take boat trips down the river for opportunities to experience extraordinary wildlife interactions. This is certainly a frontier destination for the intrepid and hardy traveller, and the Republic of Congo gives you the chance to experience some of the most beautiful spots in Africa. It is a destination unlike any other and absolutely worth whatever effort it takes to

travel it.

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