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Ethiopia is a huge landlocked country in the Horn of Africa filled with wonder and awe that offers surreal experiences that are magical and hauntingly beautiful. It is truly a country of hugely unexpected diversity.


The grandeur of Ethiopia’s landscape is beyond human comprehension. From deep depressions with luminous lakes considered the lowest points of Earth to cloud-shrouded mountains to lush valleys, and to a rich ancient history with more than 80 distinct ethnic groups found there today.  This is Africa at its most intrepid.


It is a country that often flies under the radar, and while Ethiopia may not be your typical safari destination, it is home to astounding wildlife, with many species found nowhere else on earth. From huge herds of gelada, the world’s most social primate, to the rarest canid on earth, the striking Ethiopian wolf, to cliff climbing Walia Ibex. Add to this the mountainous landscapes and the Great rift valley cutting through the middle of the country, the East African flyway draws in an abundance of migratory birds making Ethiopia one of Africa’s greatest birding destinations.


It’s not a traditional safari destination by any stretch of the imagination but is a true hidden gem that offers some extraordinary experiences for any seasoned African traveler.

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