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India is a land of chaotic charm where you will be overwhelmed by colour, sound, taste and the sheer scale of this land. It is country full of natural beauty, incredible wildlife, and remarkable architecture, as well as a rich tapestry of races, cultures, and philosophies. But beyond its history, culture, and chaos lies a world of breath-taking natural wonder, a land of immense bio-diversity with a plethora of wildlife spread across its undulating landscapes.


While tigers are the king of the forest, and India’s most iconic drawcard, you will be hugely rewarded by the immense diversity of wildlife in India. Trek high mountain peaks for the illusive snow leopard, mount an elephant to explore the floodplains of the Brahmaputra River to search for the Great One-horned Rhino, and be spell bound by the sheer abundance of mammal and birdlife in the rich jungles as you search for sloth bears and leopards that lurk in its shadow.


India is a soul-stirring and wondrous place to visit, and once you have fallen for India’s irrepressible charm and experienced its breath-taking natural wonders, you won't be able to resist returning again and again.

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