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Rwanda is a tiny country at the geographic heart of Africa and is one of the continent’s most biodiverse regions and a haven of rainforest endemism. With the moniker of “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, it offers magnificent natural scenery almost everywhere you go.

Situated at the center of the Albertine Rift, along which lies the  Virunga Massif, Rwanda offers one of the most compelling natural experiences to be had anywhere on earth, an up-close-and-personal encounter with one of the surviving families of mountain gorillas who roam the dense forests of Volcanoes National Park. Yet while this experience is a highlight of Rwanda, anyone interested to explore further afield will discover the vertiginous cloud forests of Nyungwe Forest National Park with excellent birding and primate viewing, including opportunities to trek for Chimpanzee. Venture east and discover typical savannahs and lakes of Akagera National Park where the “Big Five” can all be seen, or travel south and swim or kayak in the clear, warm waters of Lake Kivu.

Rwanda is remarkable with plenty to experience. It is rich in wildlife and primate diversity, abundant birdlife, a land of volcanoes, rainforest, and savanna; and with the optimistic energy of the people, it is a must-visit destination that offers a one-of-a-kind journey.
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