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With golden beaches, jagged mountains, and national parks teeming with wildlife, one journey to South Africa can have you exploring on a safari, climbing a mountain, standing in a desert, to relaxing on a sandy beach backed by tropical forest.

From the world-renowned Kruger National Park and its abundant wildlife to the Overberg coastline to explore the annual return of Southern Right whales; one can explore the vast land of the Kalahari Desert, where black-maned lions roam through sand dunes, to the majestic peaks of the Drakensburg Mountains or the iconic table topped mountain that embraces the City of Cape Town. All along the country’s coastline, you’ll find long stretches of pristine soft sand lapped by waters that become warmer the further you go north, and ultimately discovery tropical coral reefs with spectacular diving and snorkeling.

South Africa has eleven official languages and is a melting pot of many fascinating cultures forming one nation, you will hear its innovative music, notice many different faces, and taste a rich fusion of flavors in the cuisine.

And to add to this vast diversity of culture, you will explore beautiful estates, sample award-winning wines in cool cellars and on vine-covered patios, and relish some of the world's finest cuisine in its incredible restaurants. South Africa provides great opportunities for those who prefer an outdoor lifestyle and opens your eyes up to diverse cultures everywhere you go.

The diversity is simply tangible, from spectacular landscapes, abundant wildlife, rich and varied culture to the country’s spectacular cuisine. South Africa has it all and is a place where everyone should go at least once in their lives.

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