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Sri Lanka has become one the most desired safari destinations in the world thanks to its abundance of national parks, diverse wildlife, pristine rainforest, and rich cultural heritage.


Located just off the coast of southern India, in the tropical Indian Ocean, this continental island offers the best of large mammal viewing combined with the wonders of island endemism, being rich in both iconic mammals as well as an abundance of animals unique to the island. It is for this reason that Sri Lanka has been declared one of the 34 official Biodiversity Hotspots of the World.


One day you could be hiking the Knuckles Mountain Range, high in

Sri Lanka’s hill country; the next, traveling by train through tea plantations and into the mountains. From rare rainforest endemics in the pristine primary forest to searching for leopard, sloth bear, and elephant in the drier east, and to some of the most perfect beaches on the planet offering access to incredible marine life including the best place on earth to view the world’s largest living animal, the blue whale.


It is simply a microcosm of diversity – white sand beaches, lush tea plantations, ancient Buddhist cities, and spectacular national parks with abundant wildlife are amongst the many highlights. Simply put, there are just so many reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

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