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Africa’s best kept natural secret, Uganda is an Eden of tropical rainforest along misty mountains, vast stretches of grassland, pounding rivers, and serene lakes. Better known as the “Pearl of Africa”, on a Uganda safari, you will explore through the wilderness and experience an overwhelming intimacy with splendid fauna and flora the country has to offer.

It is a country filled with unspoilt parks and game reserves with enticing promises of wildlife sightings including lion, elephant and buffalo and with over a thousand species of birds, it is a birders paradise. One day you find yourself kneeling in awe before a gorilla family, and the next day you could be floating in a boat and watching the Nile River cascade over Murchison Falls.

Receiving far less visitors than its neighbouring countries, Uganda is the dream destination for those in search of the absolute pinnacle of primate experiences. Chimpanzees roam in numbers in Kibale Mountains as do numerous primate species, and some of the world’s last mountain gorillas are carefully protected in the Impenetrable Forest of Bwindi. Uganda is a destination that packs one hell of a punch when it comes to bucket-list experiences

There is absolutely no exaggeration, Uganda is a magical place with enough to keep even the most indomitable travellers enthralled.

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